CATALYST CRIME - Condemn Me To Chaos (Official Video)
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CATALYST CRIME - Cognitive Dissonance [Feat. Jake E] (Lyric Video)
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An Interview with Zoë Marie Federoff of Catalyst Crime
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Zoe Marie Federoff is an American vocalist and songwriter from Tucson, Arizona, where she currently resides with her daughter. She began her formal training in classical vocals at the University of Findlay OH and additionally studied under Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen. She released her first two albums in 2013 and 2017 with gothic/power metal band Insatia. Feeling restricted by the scope of the project, in 2017 she cofounded international symphonic metal band Catalyst Crime with Xandria drummer Gerit Lamm, with a lineup including Jonah Weingarten of Pyramaze, Canadian guitarist Kaelen Sarakinis, American guitarist Chena Roxx, as well as the unexpected addition of her own father, Matt Federoff, on bass. Zoe credits her love of metal and live performance to her father and sees working with him professionally as one of the greatest achievements of her career. 

In addition to her own bands Zoe has guested as a vocalist for
Atrocity and The Vivaldi Metal Project. She has also written and edited lyrics for numerous bands including Serenity and Confidential. In her spare time she enjoys being a hiker, book collector, and political campaign professional. She is also an active advocate for public education having been a classroom teacher and student mentor. 

In 2022,
Cradle of Filth approached Zoe to join them as their new female vocalist and keyboardist, and Zoe happily accepted. She looks forwards to upcoming tour dates with both Cradle of Filth and Catalyst Crime, and will see you soon on the road! 

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